|Date|31-Jul-2005 00:03:04 EEST
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A very useful feature is AutoLinking.

Every word in a wiki page automatically becomes a link, if there is a page that has this word as its name.

For example: If a somebody would now create a page called "feature" the word "feature" in the first line of this page here would be displayed as a link to the page named "feature" next time it is viewed although the word is not tagged as a link.

The Benefit:
The Wiki starts inter-linking itself and older pages automatically recieve relevant links to new pages that could be missed otherwise.

* automatically generated links could be marked as such by having a specific colour or mini-icon like external links.
* this feature should of course be optional

* MaxVoelkel has allready implemented this as a (qick-and-dirty) hack to an older version of JSPWiki
* I guess this would best be properly implemented as a  pre-translate PageFilter

* handling of BackLinks could be difficult like this
* doing this without an index could lead to scalability problems 
** (it runs fine on MaxVoelkels local Wiki with some 4000 Pages)

*Could someone please explain how I could modify my version of JSPWiki to enable it to perform autolinking? (I'm currently using the latest version) Thanks.