TitleAuto-numbered headings
Date02-Feb-2006 17:29:04 EET
JSPWiki version2.2.33
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One important feature missing from wiki-text markup is the ability to have numbered headings.

It is often quite important (sometimes a requirement) to be able to refer to specific sections of a document by number (i.e. during document reviews).

Here is an example of what the output should look like,

1 Heading one#

1.1 Heading one-point-one#

1.2 Heading one-point-two#

1.2.1 Heading one-point-two-point-one#

2 Heading two#

However, I shouldn't need to specify/maintain the numbering manually, the wiki-text processor should take care of auto-numbering for me.

It is imperative that the TableOfContents plugin recognize the heading numbers as well, both in the display of the headings and in the associated hyperlink.

This raises a significant issue with regard to hyperlinking into documents using a heading as the link target. With numbers automatically added to a given heading (at runtime), how would you compose a hyperlink since the target anchor name is partially generated at runtime? One solution is to not include the generated number sequence in the generated anchor (heading 'id' attribute).

It would also be nice to be able to have different numbering schemes (numerals, alphabetic, roman, etc.).

While I am on a wish list, the ability to control/restart numbering would also be nice, along with the ability to indent sub-headings.

Note: along similar lines to this idea is the idea of purple links. For those interested check out the message "Purple Numbers on the jspwiki-users mailing list. -- MurrayAltheim

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