TitleAutoinclude of Javascripts
Date31-Mar-2005 13:28:56 EEST
JSPWiki version2.1
Idea CategoryTemplateIdea

The commonheader.jsp should automatically include a reference to any file in /scripts/. This would make installing Javascripts for plugins quite a lot easier.

Perhaps even add a path-like structure (like the pluginpath?) for searching the scripts.

Mmm, is this what we want? This would imply that all javascript routines will be loaded for each wiki-page, irrespective whether the js is needed.
An other approach could be to extend the plugin api so that a plugin, when called in a wiki-page, could insert entries into the html header of the page. This way you could insert javascript and even css definitions. -- DF

That would be one possibility, yes, though it's a lot trickier to do (the <head>-portion is already sent by the time we get to parsing the plugins...).

-- JanneJalkanen

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