|Title|Build page summary from headings
|Date|05-Oct-2007 16:19:28 EEST
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|[Idea Category]|MarkupIdea
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Page Summary By Headings - 05-Oct-2007 15:10:42 MET DST - Maria Torremaules

Proposal for a new feature.

Now you mark heading with !, !! and so on according to text size (or level of nesting in the text).
What about using headings to build a page summary automagically?

Sort of this trick in action on this page of this other wiki:


Here headings marked with --, --- and so on, or ==, === and so on.
If marked with =, those headings appear in the page summary depicted at the top of page,
each one indented accoding of its nesting level.
Just an idea.