|Title|Buttons on top of edit page
|Date|19-May-2006 10:53:55 EEST
|JSPWiki version|2.4.x
|Submitter|Jérôme Duprez
|[Idea Category]|UserInterfaceIdea
|[Idea Status]|NewIdea

In the default template, Edit buttons ("Save", "Preview",...) are located only at the bottom of the JSP page. the edit page renders, from top to bottom: title, trail, general menu, edit tabs, then the edition text field, then at the bottom, the edit buttons, find/replace form, then the general menu again.
On low-resolution screens (hey I have a 1024x768 laptop screen), the header then edit field takes up the whole height, and I have to scroll to find the edit buttons.

OK I can edit the JSP ({{{templates/default/editors/Plain.jsp}}}, but I didn't manage to make it work in {{preview.jsp}}), but that could be an option of the template, or a user preference (the latter would be most useful, as it probably depends on screen/browser settings).