|Title|CSS cleanup and changes
|Date|15-Mar-2007 18:00:52 EET
|JSPWiki version|2.x
|[Idea Category]|GenericIdea
|[Idea Status]|NewIdea

After having spent some time integrating JSPWiki into a corporate environment where you have to follow style guidelines and templates, I've got some suggestions that, I think, would help JSPWiki in the long run.

!CSS Names

CSS naming in the jspwiki.css (and others) is pretty generic and it's easy to run into naming conflicts when trying to use CSS from an existing site.  As a solution, the CSS could be modified to create a ''namespace'', if you will, that would prevent naming conflicts.  Prefixing all of the classes and selectors with something specific to JSPWiki (like "JW_" or something) would prevent overlaps with existing CSS.

!CSS Hardcoding

Quite a few elements of JSPWiki CSS are hardcoded into JSP files and Java files (the wikitable class, for example, is embedded in at least 4 Java files and 2 JSP's in the core code).  It'd be REALLY nice if those things were pulled from a property, or could be overridden with a property.  Something like:

# Set default class for 
jspwiki.style.displayTableClass = wikitable

Doing that would move presentation out of the code completely and allow a lot of flexability in integrating with existing CSS since major elements on the site could be styled with ''existing'' style sheets, instead of having to extensively hack JSPWiki's CSS to match (or duplicate) existing CSS.