TitleChange "current version"
Date01-Dec-2005 16:08:24 EET
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It would be nice if one could change the "current" version of a page.

Two scenarios: The page get totaly trashed and the current version needs to be removed and the earier one restored.

The page is more or less under construction so it would be nice to have the earier version while the work gets complete.

So, in the More Info I'd like to have a "check-box" to choose the current version and one to remove the selected version.

Best regards Roland Carlsson roland@javalia.se

Go to More info.
Open the version you like to restore (click on the version number in the left column),
Click on Restore this version.
Aha, not that easy to spot but very nice that it exists.

Thanks for the reply Roland

-- Lutz Tietze

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