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Date15-Nov-2005 22:17:36 EET
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I use Confluence at work, and JSPWiki at home. While I want to prefer JSPWiki, the sad truth is I prefer Confluence. The reason? 90% of it is whitespace handling.

With Confluence, whitespace 'just works'. It assumes whitespace I enter is significant. Since whitespace 'just works', I get to 'just write'.

With JSPWiki, I can't. Some percentage of my brain has to focus on the clunky use of double-backslashes. It's amazing the difference that makes in user experience.

Any thoughts?

- C

I agree totally. I have used several wiki's and although JSPWiki is my favorite. I always hated the whitespace hnadling. I always edit a page, preview it, realize I did no add the double backslashes where needed and go back and add them. It says to "Forced line break (please use sparingly)." but I never use them sparingly because I always need them.

Which whitespace are you talking about? tabs, blanks, or only returns? It seems the proposal is to treat single returns as new line (html br).

I would not mind, and it is more consistent (single returns are currently significant in list items or table cells, but ignored in paragraphs). However, people need to re-train and content needs to be changed.

Aside: I believe storing the wiki content in wiki markup plain text is a bug anyways. Storing text in a simplified subset of html corresponding 1:1 to the current wiki markup would create much more portable data and would remove such problems of changing markup. But that is probably something for JSPWiki 3.0 ...

Gregor Hagedorn

Hmm... the reason we don't treat newline as significant is because people used to express a preference for the ability to cut-n-paste text from e.g. email so that it keeps the paragraph structure intact, not embedding newlines in the text. Few people have so far expressed a preference otherwise. It seems that this is a highly subjective matter. The problem, of course, being that if we make it user-configurable, after that you cannot transfer files from one wiki to another without them being deleted on the way...

Could someone show me why one needs breaks in the line, and why paragraph breaks are not good? I've noticed quite a few people want to use double-line breaks when a simple paragraph break (empty line) would suffice... I need to put line breaks VERY rarely in my own text, so I'm having a hard time understanding why you would need linebreaks in normal text. Could someone enlighten me on the subject - and please, show me why you need to do it regularly, no exceptional cases, please.

(Gregor, storing XHTML is a real problem, as doing differences becomes non-trivial. Not to mention the fact that you would need to do roundtrip-conversion, which always introduces problems.)

-- JanneJalkanen

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