TitleCustom edit forms
Date21-Sep-2005 20:51:41 EEST
JSPWiki version2.2.33
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I want to create a set of pages that all present data from a form. The data might be stored in plain text, or in a database - that really does not matter. The presentation (the Show page) is a simple table with text and graphics, and achievable with the current JSPWiki code very easily.

However, when a user clicks on the Edit link, I want a special-purpose form to be used for the Edit page, since the user must supply exactly the data needed by this type of page.

In other words, I need a page that uses standard JSPWiki markup and plugins for the Show page, but uses the Forms plugins or an equivalent for the Edit page. Is this achievable today, or does this need something new?

Well, um. I hope we can get towards that (IdeaEditorProviders certainly is going that way). I certainly want it to happen, but at the moment it's a bit complicated. I haven't tried this, but you should be able to create a custom WikiTemplate that overrides just the default EditTemplate.jsp, and contains code to do the edit, and instead of submitting to Edit.jsp, it would submit as a standard WikiForm.

-- JanneJalkanen

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