|Title|Database input and reactive query
|Date|31-May-2007 16:28:10 EEST
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i want a plugin that allows me to put simple data into a database, and display results from querys related to it.

you would choose a name from the list, and choose the verious activites proformed that day, which would add 1 to each activity, if the same name was chosen again and the same activites it would add 1 again, so it would be 2.

if this isnt possible

it would have to add multipul instances of the same name with activites, but each one has a unique ID key, the query would then summaries everything with that name. 

if any activity equals more than a certain ammount it would get flagged up along with the name to be viewed, upon selection of the name it would display all activites proformed related to this name.

if anyone knows a plugin that will do this, or a a simple way to whipping one up please let me know as i have tried searching to no avail. 

i have seen this possible in other wiki, but we use JSPwiki here and i would apreciate this functionality.

(note i am not a JSP programmer - if it is just a matter of simple JSP programming then i might beable to enlist the aid of a fellow worker, but i would prefer not to bother him with this)


You could probably use the Search plugin, or the QueryPlugin to create something like this.  Check out BugCategorySearchPage for an example.

--JanneJalkanen, 31-May-2007


Thats the sort of thing, but i need it to reference to a mysql database rather than the pages itself.
though i dont understand how it figures out the "Score" for each page. does it count the instances of certain words then combines that as the number? 

--[Chris-Waipahe|http://www.waipahedesgins.34sp.com], 01-Jun-2007


You could make pretty easily a copy of the Search plugin to support arbitrary SQL queries (though be warned: security problems could be rampant).

The score is an abstract value between 0 to 100.  I think our BasicSearchProvider counts just the words, but LuceneSearchProvider uses some other algorithm.

--JanneJalkanen, 01-Jun-2007