TitleDelete individual revision
Date02-Jun-2006 12:22:55 EEST
JSPWiki version2.4
SubmitterJerome Duprez
Idea CategoryGenericIdea
Idea StatusNewIdea

I'm sure this has been discussed lewhere, but I can't find the exact page, so I submit a new idea. Feel free to close as a duplicate or link to the correct page.

I'd like to be able to delete individual revisions of a page (currently the DeletePage feature deletes the page and the whole history). Two reasons:

  • disk space: OK, disk is cheap, but:
    • the versioningFileProvider consumes a lot of it (full storage instead of delta-storage)
    • moving the Wiki archive back and forth is harder (my largest one fills up my USB key)
  • difference searching: "minor" corrections (typos, categorization,...) are not differentiated from major rewrites in the history.
    • Maybe an evolution of the history feature might display some "number of altered words" metrics, though that would be CPU- and IO-costly as a default.

I ackowledge there's always a balance to set between discarding old versions and not loosing content, but the main maintenair of a page is able to set the line appropriately.

That raises one objection, though: this has to be secured by some permission (this public Wiki site comes to mind). But anyone with "Delete" permission can already delete the whole history, so why not allowing him to delete just a part of it?

Related discusisons:

  • BugDeletedVersionsStillShowUpInThePageRevisionHistoryTable: describes that the display of the history is buggy after deleting a revision, but the deletion is programmatic (no built-in interface feature)
  • PageDeletion: this idea is mentioned, and the feature seems on the plans, but the discussion is not finished, and I can't determine which engine version it refers to.

2.4 has this functionality, but unfortunately the UI does not support it. It's possible to delete versions, but UI will start to show odd things.

It's certainly in the works, but I've found that it requires more than just a simple patch.

-- JanneJalkanen

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