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This Idea comes from other Wiki's, where I have already seen it before:

Let's make it possible to edit one single section of a page instead of the whole page. This should be an alternative way of editing pages in addition to the current one.

If you have large pages it is very difficult to find the current section you where editing when you switch between editing and preview. Often I only want to update a single section of a page and it would help a lot, if only that section would appear in the editor.

In Wikipedia for example you have an edit link with every headline/heading. Following that link you enter the editor with only that single section.

As this feature goes deep into the implementation of jspwiki and I don't see to get this done and maintained by my own extension. For example the PageProvider's interface could have to be changed. But maybe this could be implemented more elegant?

King regards Guido

This is a good idea, I think. I've been thinking about something similar. We don't need to change the PageProvider interface, we just need to be able to do an intelligent merge.

-- JanneJalkanen

But before the merge there comes first a separation into sections.

The renderer has to identify the beginning of a section. The beginning of the next section is the end of the section before (adjusted by one char). With this we have the beginning and the end of a section (first section beginns with 1 or zero). The edit section link contains the beginning and the end position of a section. The editor then as well can contain this information as hidden variables. Posting the edit we now get the two positions (beginning and end) of the part that should be replaced.

The two positions must be treaded as optional parameters.

That could result into three changes:

  • the rendered must insert the edit links with beginning and end position into the page html (maybe by option),
  • the edit page must host the two new variables,
  • the PageProvider (as I beleave) must recognize the new variables for a merge.

This solution may has the disadvantage that some could change the position information.

-- Guido

I would love this feature in JSPWiki --ChadSkeeters

Why not solving this client side? With some javascripting it should be possible to limit the text visible in the edit textarea to that section you would like to edit. When saving the page, the edited text could be merged back with the whole page. This way there is no need to change the wiki engine.
You could pass the id of the section to be edited via an URL parameter (eg. .../Edit.jsp?page=pipo&section=4 )

True. Or it could be done entirely within Edit.jsp... Which might probably be the easiest solution.

-- JanneJalkanen

Here is a possible implementation --DF

section edit

--J��rgenWeber, 13-Mar-2008

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