|Title|Editor Manager Extensions 
|Date|15-Aug-2006 10:26:10 EEST
|JSPWiki version|v2.4.32
|Submitter|Dirk Frederickx
|[Idea Category]|TemplateIdea
|[Idea Status]|NewIdea

Adding new editors to JSPWiki is more tricky then adding new skins.\\
Skins just look in the ''templates/<active-template>/skins/'' directory 
and give a list of all skin directories\\
Editors assume official plugin ''ini.xml'' code in the WEBINF/lib (a JAR with ini.xml) 
 __AND__ a ''.jsp'' file in templates/<active-template>/editors

This is anoying when you wanna ship editors inside templates.
Moreover, Editors which consist only of JS and CSS do need to get something installed in the
WEB-INF/lib, and would require a restart.

! IDEA1:
Extend the current logic in EditorManager.registerEditors():
* First look at all ini.xmls;
* Additionally look at /template/<active-template>/editors/xxx and check on all available *.jsps.
  Each jsp corresponds with an editor.\\
  Why not move all the editors-stuff completely under the ''template/./editors'' directory; 
  instead of scattering the resources (javascript, applets, ini.xml) in top-level directories ?

BTW, you can see the ''ini.xml'' for the FCK included in the standard distro; however the FCK-files are not. This is confusing for an out-of-box installation.
There seems to be no easy way to get rid of FCK when you choose not to install it.

! IDEA2:
Java applets are currently not yet supported as ''pluggable'' resource, such as stylesheets or javascript. (eg used by Wikiwizard)