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Date20-Sep-2005 11:57:33 EEST
JSPWiki version2.2.33
Idea CategoryProviderIdea
Idea StatusNewIdea

Editor Providers would enables editor developers to embedd their editors into JSPWiki with a simple Interface.

It uses a Factory class named EditorManager which would instanciate an EditorProvider of a certain type, indicated in the file by the jspwiki.editor property. For Example


An editor provider implements the EditorProvider interface which has the following three methods:

  • createIncludes() - Incldes needed by the editors (JavaScript includes)
  • createEditorArea() - The area where to type in the text
  • createButtons() - The submit buttons

Here's an example code snipped which would be used in the doEndTag() method of the EditorAreaTag to create a generic editor area

    EditorManager em = new EditorManager(pageContext, getBodyContent() );
    EditorProvider provider = em.createProvider();
    pageContext.getOut().print( provider.createEditor().toString() );

In order to implement the EditorProvider interface two new tags are needed:

The EditorAreaTag and EditorTag will have to be modified to use the new EditorProvider Interface.

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