TitleEnhancing the Wiki with AJAX
Date11-Aug-2005 22:20:03 EEST
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Many things in JSPWiki could take advantage of AJAX technologies:

  • Populate only the content panel when clicking on the Left Menu or Bread crumbs links
  • Wiki Forms - see example url for ideas.
  • Search functionality (show most common search terms that start with the letter already typed in)
  • Search (keep form open and fill body with matches)
  • Search suggestions (show more frequent searches as the user types) - see also http://www.phpriot.com/d/articles/php/application-design/google-suggest-ajaxac/index.html
  • Usage monitor: background thread pulls wiki server for number of logged users, traffic, etc.
  • Dynamic news/stock ticker

and so on...

I know people have been experimenting with JSON-RPC, and I've also taken a quick look at it. Anyone want to take the task?

-- JanneJalkanen

A simpler short term would be to just ajax enable the editing. This could be done just on the client side, w/ no serverside code. I've filed an Idea for it...


There is a package called AjaxTags that combines JSP and AJAX. It would be really cool to use it to make JSPWiki more dynamic. I think some of the new JavaScript based enhancements from the Brushed template implement similar features, but I wonder if we could use this library to expose them through the Wiki Markup as well.


I am quite impressed by the prototype.js package. It's the library used by the Ruby On Rails comunity. Using this library makes your own javascript much more simpler. It is now used by the BrushedTemplate to experiment with AJAX. See also BrushedTemplateAJAXFindPage and BrushedTemplateCategories


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