TitleExtend Link Syntax Supporting Tooltips
Date05-Sep-2005 13:44:17 EEST
JSPWiki version2.2.28
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One of the problems I have with developing our Wiki structure and templates is the current lack of tooltip (popup-info) support in JSPWiki.

This has two sides:

  • Functional pages like LeftMenu need a Wiki markup syntax for tooltips. On BrushedTemplate is was already suggested:
"It could be a nice extension to Wiki to support this feature when defining a link: e.g. [link-text|actual-link|link-tooltip]"

I endorse this strongly, perhaps a syntax [link-text|link-tooltip|actual-link] would be more intuitive (direct display text, second level display text, technical address).

  • On template jsp pages, all Link tags should support a title attribute. Currently I have to surround many links in the template with span tags to support a title attribute.

The title attribute is standard xhtml and easy to support, I would guess the changes to JSPWiki would be minimal.

-- Gregor Hagedorn, 2005-9-5.

Actually, what I was thinking was to take the first sentence of the page that the link refers to and use it as the tooltip. Or, if the user sets a page description using the SET-directive, then that could be shown instead.

This would provide essentially automatic tooltips instead of having to write them manually everywhere.

-- JanneJalkanen

This would not help my purposes of creating a collaboration environment with the help of JSPWiki. What you describe may be an interesting "summarize" feature for internal links. However, the first sentence of pages would not be a good thing if you want to have a tooltip for "Search Wiki" or "Unused Pages". or your own "Roundup" page. Explicit support both on wiki pages and in jsp-pages (through tags) would be very helpful authoring feature. Your suggestion could be an optional feature to supplement links that have not explicit tooltips.

-- Gregor Hagedorn, 2005-9-5.

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