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TitleFreemind plugin
Date18-Apr-2006 08:46:49 EEST
JSPWiki version
Idea CategoryPluginIdea
Idea StatusNewIdea

I use Freemind extensively to create mindmaps of ideas. Right now I have to generate PNGs and attach to wiki or sometimes (for deeper mindmaps) generate HTML and link it from the wiki.

However it would be great to have a JSPWiki plugin for freemind, which would enable me to view the mind maps using flash. This way I could attach the mindmap to a wiki page, refer to it from the page using the plugin and view the mind map in a completely interactive mode.

An enhancement to the plugin would be to launch freemind using JNLP on the client machine and having save the mind map as an attachment to the wiki page.

There is already a similar plugin, though much more limited then Freemind, to draw mindmaps: MindMapGraphPlugin

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