TitleGet rid of redundant word, 'Plugin'.
Date30-Nov-2005 20:48:39 EET
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[{...}] is the syntax for a plugin, so if I insert "[{Something}]" into a wikipage, you know already that 'Something' is a plugin.

So then *why*, for so many plugins, do I have to type "[{SomethingPlugin}]"?? It seems to be redundant, extra visual clutter, and extra typing (and therefore, not quite so "wiki-wiki").

It also seems incorrect in terms of intuitive UI-design. I don't want my audience to see a "WeblogPlugin" on a page-- what I want them to see is a "Weblog".

"Plugin" is a term that describes the convenient mechanism which inserts a new bit of code into an existing platform, and it's fine for it to be used in that context. A plugin gives you new functionality or implements a new feature. But once you've "plugged it in" (ie. you've installed it on the server), it will seem to have become a seamless part of the application. At that point, you will want to be able to just talk about the the new functionality and features that it implements. You don't need to be constantly reminded of the mechanism by which it was installed.

What to do about it#

  • The easiest, of course, is just to encourage plugin authors to not append that word onto the end of the class that is their plugin. Indeed, some of them don't.
  • If it is really bugging you, you can always write wrapper classes to rename the plugin classes that you use.
  • The elegant solution would be for JSPWiki to infer the word for you if it is missing. That is, if "FortuneCookiePlugin.class" is installed, and I type "[{FortureCookie}]" instead of "[{FortureCookiePlugin}]", the server will be smart enough to know what I'm talking about.

-- DanHoward, Nov 30, 2005

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