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Date15-Apr-2005 10:42:58 EEST
JSPWiki version2.1.165
Idea CategoryUserInterfaceIdea

It would be great to have a feature to hide attachments on a page. I tend to include links to attachments in a user readable manner, iso showing the user the full document names. This way I can add descriptive information to it.

I'm pretty new to JSPWiki, but will probably give it a go and develop a Plugin for it.

One easy way to do this is to put your attachments on a different page and refer to them by [PageName/AttachmentName].

On our local instance, I have experimented with the excellent domCollapse. encapsulating the attachments section in a "trigger" class would allow it to remain hidden until a user expands the section. domcollapse is js + css, so there's no page reload. the tag would need to be added to the main template.jsp.
the main added benefit is that you have easy collapsible sections in a wiki page that could get very long, and wherever a user sees fit, unless you like to scroll...scroll...scroll.
Hey this is a cool idea. It could be used for sections (H3, H3, etc.) in long documents too.

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