|Title|Hierarchical Page Structure
|Date|23-May-2007 18:33:37 EEST
|JSPWiki version|2.4+
|Submitter|[Jerry Andrews]
|[Idea Category]|ProviderIdea
|[Idea Status]|OldIdea

We use JSPWiki for design documentation as well as less structured things.  I am working on a file-based provider and associated plugins which can support a document structure.  We want to preserve our existing files, but we also want to support a sub-directory structure so that, e.g., two different documents can have a page named "Technical Design".

I'm currently thinking we would allow a colon in the wiki page name. The provider would translate this into a directory name, and pages below the colon will then live in their own namespace.

We also want to use the namespace, a contents page, and actual ToC data from the pages within the namespace to create both a "printable" version of the document (say, one page per major section), and a hierarchical left-menu ToC for navigation within the document/namespace.


Duplicates IdeasSubPages and MultiWikiDevelopment.  Is on the roadmap for 3.0.


It looks like this duplicates the exact use case Janne describes in the [Ideas Sub Page] discussion for the "Doc" namespace.  I'm not sure we can afford to wait for 3.0, though...

--Jerry Andrews, 23-May-2007