TitleHierarchical Page Structure
Date23-May-2007 18:33:37 EEST
JSPWiki version2.4+
SubmitterJerry Andrews
Idea CategoryProviderIdea
Idea StatusOldIdea

We use JSPWiki for design documentation as well as less structured things. I am working on a file-based provider and associated plugins which can support a document structure. We want to preserve our existing files, but we also want to support a sub-directory structure so that, e.g., two different documents can have a page named "Technical Design".

I'm currently thinking we would allow a colon in the wiki page name. The provider would translate this into a directory name, and pages below the colon will then live in their own namespace.

We also want to use the namespace, a contents page, and actual ToC data from the pages within the namespace to create both a "printable" version of the document (say, one page per major section), and a hierarchical left-menu ToC for navigation within the document/namespace.

Duplicates IdeasSubPages and MultiWikiDevelopment. Is on the roadmap for 3.0.

It looks like this duplicates the exact use case Janne describes in the Ideas Sub Page discussion for the "Doc" namespace. I'm not sure we can afford to wait for 3.0, though...

--Jerry Andrews, 23-May-2007

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