|Title|iCalendar Plugin
|Date|04-Dec-2004 07:39:46 EET
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With all this work going on to get iCalendar running elsewhere, it would be nice to have a plugin that could consume iCalendar or [hCalendar|http://dev.technorati.com/wiki/hCalendar] data and display it. Perhaps we could use [MDeichsel]'s calendar tag [change|IdeasCalendarTag] to open an iCalendar editor?\\

Basically, I'd like a way to share iCalendar info and view it on my home wiki.

!04 December 2004
Okay, so here's the easiest way I see so far to do this...
I set the MIME type in Tomcat's ''conf/web.xml'':
{{{    <mime-mapping>
    </mime-mapping> }}}
and then simply added a link to LeftMenu.jsp pointing off to, say, ''http://myhost:8080/shared.ics''. Click on the link, and my Mozilla Firefox browser (to which I've added the [calendar extension|http://www.mozilla.org/projects/calendar/]) pops open a new window offering to open the calendar. __Note:__ You may need to clear your browser cache and restart Tomcat for the MIME types to start coming out correctly.

Now I've got to figure out the proper way to publish any changes back to the calendar file. Any ideas? --RonCraig

Got it. Read [HOW-TO: WebDAV Primary Mozilla Calendar|http://www.twilight-systems.com/flacco/mozcal/mozcal-webdav.html] for publishing you .ics file to Tomcat so that it is updated automatically.