Date08-Jan-2007 13:43:28 EET
JSPWiki version2.5.x
Idea CategoryAdministrationIdea
Idea StatusNewIdea

This is an idea to permit managed page content synchronization between two wikis using XML-RPC.

The idea is to take the basic XML-RPC functionality such as provided by the TranscludePlugin (i.e., the ability to easily connect with another JSPWiki site over XML-RPC) but instead of transferring page content, the output would be a list of metadata: current page names, version numbers, and content lengths. This could but wouldn't have to be in XML notation (but if so, other tools might be more able to use it).

Implementation-wise, this would be a plugin that would essentially provide a simple "web service" to anyone logged in with appropriate rights (probably Administrator, but not necessarily). The plugin would query the remote wiki site metadata so that it can be compared with a local query to see how the two sites differ.

The plugin would generate a simple (one button?) form that upon activation queries the remote target wiki site for its page metadata, the difference is then output to the wiki page. The output would consist of:

  • the list of pages only on the remote wiki
  • the pages that have different content between the two wikis, possibly with a diff button
  • the list of pages only on the local wiki

Each listed page would have a checkbox to permit it to be included or excluded from the synchronization task.

And lastly,

  • a Synchronize button

There might be Select All and Select None buttons though these would likely have to be implemented using JavaScript.


I've been looking into this for a while now, wondering if anyone else has started work on something similar. -- MurrayAltheim

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