TitleImage Thumbnails
Date14-Dec-2005 18:50:49 EET
JSPWiki version2.2.33
SubmitterJosh Kropf
Idea CategoryPluginIdea
ReferenceImage Plugin with Thumbnails
Idea StatusNewIdea

I would like to modify the image plugin (or create a new plugin) that automatically maintains thumbnails for images. This is similar to the mediawiki in that when you embed an image into a page, you can specific the thumbnail size and mediawiki will automatically create a thumbnail for you.

The need for this comes from creating tutorial type pages that contain many high res images. Currently the high res images are downloaded and scaled by the browser using the width and height attributes of the HTML IMG tag which of course means it takes a long time to render the entire page. One could resize the images manually and attach them to the page, but how cool would it be if that was done for you. :)

I am going to start development on this with 2.2.33 as a base. I think I will start by modifying the stock JSPWiki image plugin, however, if there is compelling reason not to do so please let me know.

If anyone actually reads these things, please comment. If this is a usefully addition to JSPWiki, I would like to contribute it once complete.

this would be a wonderful feature!!!

--AnonymousCoward, 30-May-2006

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