TitleInsertPage with Search Replace
Date14-Nov-2005 14:36:33 EET
JSPWiki version2.2.28
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In several situations we found it very useful to be able to search and replace the text of pages inserted by the InsertPage plugin.

Therefore i implemented this functionality into the existing InsertPage plugin. Here are the additional code snippets (The complete source code is attached to this page):

Starting at line 45:

public static final String PARAM_SEARCH    = "search";
public static final String PARAM_REPLACE    = "replace";

Staring at line 142 after insertion of the snipped above:

// Perform search replace according to the parameters 
// search1 to searchN and replace1 to replaceN
int r = 0;
Object nextReplace = null;
Object nextSearch;
    nextSearch = params.get( PARAM_SEARCH+r );
    if(nextSearch == null )
        nextSearch = "%"+r+"$";
    nextReplace = params.get( PARAM_REPLACE+r );
    if(nextReplace != null){
        pageData = pageData.replace((String)nextSearch, (String)nextReplace);
}while( nextReplace != null );

The InsertPage plugin now understands the parameters search1 to searchN and replace1 to replaceN whereas N is a positive integer. If replaceN is defined and searchN is not defined searchN defaults to the string %N$ (syntax adapted from String.format()).


[{InsertPage page='ContentToReplace' replace1='BoringPage'  replace2='Someone' search='xyz' replace3='http://www.foo.bar/~Someone/index.html' }]

content of ContentToReplace:

This is a very interesting page written by [xyz|%3$]. 

If you like boring pages click [here|%1$]

It would be nice to have it already implemented in further releases of the JSPWiki.

Andreas Kohlbecker, Berlin

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