|Date|04-Sep-2006 22:23:12 EEST
|JSPWiki version|v2.4.x
|Submitter|Dirk Frederickx
|[Idea Category]|GenericIdea
|[Idea Status]|NewIdea

Protect JSPWiki with a CAPTCHA for Anonymous and Asserted users when editing pages.

In order to avoid adding a heavy-weight graphics library to JSPWiki to generate a graphic representation of the secret word, one could rely on FLICKr photo's. Here is the process :
( inspired by  [JMAKI CAPTCHA widget|http://javaserver.org/jmaki/flickr/captcha.jsp] )

* Step 1: query FLICKR to retrieve a feed of photo's with the ''oneletter'' tag (do this for each letter)
  This list of photo's, representing certain chars, could be cached; and regularly refreshed.

EG Image J\\

EG Image J, json feed\\

* Step 2: when a Anonymous or Asserted users SAVE a edited page, they'll see the readable FLICKr photos.
  The CAPTCHA string gets validated at server side.



Might be a dumb idea, but how about a text only captcha, like "whats six times by nine" or "which year is it right now". You could even obfuscate the question like SPAM - "Wh4tz sIX T|/\/\Es 9?" if the spammers caught up...

--Dave Pearson, 27-Oct-2006

I think the text-only captcha makes a LOT of sense.
--Terry Steichen, 27-Oct-2006


But it's gonna be hard to localize.

-- JanneJalkanen

OK, easier to adapt language-wise...

Decode this to access the service...


Message: 13 55 81 81 88

(they need to type in HELLO in this instance)

But possibly easier to script if you're a wiki-spammer.