TitleJSPWiki as JSR-168 compliant portlet
Date03-Aug-2006 17:48:38 EEST
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Is your wiki system already available as JSR-168 compliant portlet? Or is it planned to add JSR-168 / JSR-286 capabilities to your project?

More and more standard compliant portal platforms emerge on the commercial or open source market, and most portal projects need a wiki system.

Consequently, it seems like a win-win situation to me: if your wiki can be deployed in platforms such as eXo, both sides win. The makers of the portal platform win a wiki and you win another user group (the group of portal users who need a wiki and can't use a stand-alone wiki system)

That's why I am wondering if your wiki already implements those portlet standard interfaces or if it is planned to do so.


There is a portlet implementation made by SunMicrosystems, but unfortunately it turns out that JSPWiki cannot be made JSR-168 -compliant without some nasty hacking, due to deficiencies in the portlet standard, so the code is not in the core CVS.

If you wish to join the portlet development activities, please come to the JSPWiki mailing list and ask there :-)

-- JanneJalkanen, 05-Aug-06

care to elaborate as to what specifically?


Yes, I would be interested in this as well, since we are using jspwiki in our company, and we have also setup a 168 compliant portal targeting collaboration.

Marky http://www.rosa.com

I've attached the JSPWiki-portlet source code and slightly modified (two files) WikiWizard source code.

So feel free to try it out and comment.

Those of you who have Jetspeed installed (or will install) it should a piece of cake to install the JSPWiki-portlet. You probably have to modify the build.properties and specify the location of the tomcat and the name of the Jetspeed application (usually jetspeed). Then just run

ant jetspeed

and if everything went smootly you should be able to add the portlet into one of pages in your portal. Otherwise just build as usual and deploy to the portal the you usually do.

-Mikko Wuokko

An another user of JSPWiki, Craig, asked me about the portlet hacked version, few months ago. I synched the code to revision #639558 and added few fixes there and there. I dropped the WikiWizard which did not seemed to work anymore, and there is a new 2.0 version of it.

So, if you like to check out the portlet "hack" version of JSPWiki, get the code from my server. It is quite large (34mb), but it has the SVN data included so you can easily synch it with latest stuff and see what has been hacked. Hopefully this could give someone interested (and with more time in their hands) some starting points to figure out more proper ways to make the changes neede for JSR-168 compliancy.

-Mikko Wuokko

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