Okay, JohnV is for some reason hung up on the LinkTypes discussion and concept. Perhaps it's the feel that it's something just out of reach that would allow a higher level of utility from a wiki.

So here's an idle thought, can the effect of LinkTypes be backed into by way of page attributes and a special plugin?

If on the page 'JohnVolkar', I had said "You know, [{Link StevenHawking='FavoritePhysicist,InterestingAuthor'}] has some interesting books to read." Could that hypothetical plugin [{Link ...}] do/be the following:

  • Be an InitializablePlugin, so at startup it's work gets done.
  • When invoked, simply emit 'Steven Hawking' plain and unadorned as normal page link.
  • AND, add/assure a page reference exists from the containing page ('JohnVolkar' )to the 'StevenHawking' page, (by intereacting directly thru the reference manager)
  • AND (finally) somehow capture the 'FavoritePhysicist,InterestingAuthor' information as page attributes on some page? Which page is an open question, on the the page 'JohnVolkar', or 'StevenHawking', or 'FavoritePhysicist' and 'InterestingAuthor'?

Would this functionally be what LinkTypes is trying to achieve?

Hmm, this bears thinking. There feels like there is a hole here in that the attributes are on the page and not on the link itself... but the semantics feel right anyway.

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