TitleMake BasicAttachmentProvider.mangleName(),unmangleName() not be static,plz
Date11-Sep-2005 12:39:37 EEST
JSPWiki version2.2.32
Idea CategoryProviderIdea
Idea StatusNewIdea

I'm trying to create a file provider and a attachment provider based on VersioningFileProvider and BasicAttachmentProvider. These providers behave the same with the ones provided by jspwiki,excepting it does not encoding file name to "%2e%fc%e9%27" liking formatting.

The most easy way to do that is overriding mangleName(),unmangleName() method of VersioningFileProvider and BasicAttachmentProvider in child class.
VersioningFileProvider's 2 methods can be overrided easily. But I cannot override BasicAttachmentProvider's,because it is decleared "static".

Can you make them not static? They are all "privite static" method now, making them non-static will not crack existing code.


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