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I (try to) use JSPwiki on a AMD64 Debian System running the latest development files (Etch). When I try to install JSPWiki it has a dependency on Tomcat4 whilst Tomcat5 was already installed. It was/is not trivial to get it up and running on Tomcat5.

Problem/Idea (also see Plugin proposal) I seem not to be able to find in the documentation:

  1. how to create another wiki beside the default one (why not supply a template WAR)
  2. what to do about filesystem rights to get it working

There are 2 solutions:

  1. a system administrators way by supplying instructions in wiki or readme-textfile format or even by using a config/install script
  2. a user friendly way: by supplying a manager module
This is might be a bit hard because of system dependencies (RedHat <> Debian etc.) and a likely drawback on security and systemhardening as one is likely to edit stuff in /etc et cetera.

RefactorMe, please - this is a collection of multiple ideas.

The main idea of Wiki management seems to be addressed. See MultiWikiDevelopment

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