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Date22-Sep-2005 21:29:45 EEST
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29.07.2005 - Metadata about attachment#

I would find it absolutely useful to add some more data to the footer of the page when adding a file attachment. I want the following data about my file:
  • Who attached it (username or IP)?
  • When did he attach it (bec. goes not necessarialy conform with date of last change)?
  • A comment about the file (optional) from the user.
  • The posibility of an additional "on-the-fly" link
    (if the file is of image-type), positioned in the text, which can be
    moved to the right location (opresses the need for getting the
    right path to the attachment)
Just Moved this from the Ideas Page. This is related to AttachmentMetaData

-- ChristophSauer

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