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JSPWiki version2.0
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Hi Janne,

I've adapted JSPWiki for my own purposes and thought you might want to consider them for JSPWiki. A minor few of these ideas are somewhat far fetched or just a gripe where I don't have a solution (sorry).

Please note wiki.iokio.com is fine tuned for IE (sorry - it's only a proof of concept so far) and may have layout/style issues on other browsers e.g. Safari.


  • Created a common CSS file and put everything in there - then used the browser-specific CSS files for just the changes (overrides) - this is much cleaner and easier to maintain
    • Implemented in 2.2.
  • Changed the display of any links which link to the current page - these are no longer links but highlighted section identifiers
    • Can you be a bit more specific?
  • A few style changes to the default template wouldn't go amis - table borders in particular would look much better using a 1 pixel light border, for example. Also using underlining where you can't click is a little dubious (links to uncreated pages).
    • The HTML for uncreated links should really be user-settable...
  • Clutter - the default template is quite cluttered and reducing font sizes in certain areas and moving things about makes a big difference.
  • Editing - I won't go into the WYSIWYG argument again! However I've adapted this 2.0 version to submit specifically previews into a new window target, getting around the back bug in IE (whenever I clicked back, I got the same preview page and couldn't get back to my edited textarea). This gets over one of the major gripes I have where you lose your position in the textarea.
    • Yes, IE sucks many ways. I don't use it myself though (don't own a Windows machine), so I need to rely on other people telling me how to fix the bugs. 2.2 should be a lot better in (though it still fails in HTTPS and IE).

Other ideas#

  • Auto-generated site map - probably a computationally infeasible problem, but showing a graphical map of the site would be pretty cool.
  • Ability to define a site structure in XML (for example), which organises the pages of the site allowing better navigation. One of the problems I have is showing the user where they are in the big picture - I've got sections and subsections and related pages, and the wiki is flat. I'd like to have an auxiliary site nav function that could be used to create a better trail, menu and submenu system, etc.
    • That is a hard problem. But you can, of course, make multiple index pages. SubPages will be a feature in an upcoming version.
  • If the wiki is protected against misuse by a combination of history and email notification, someone could quite easily mutilate the site and delete the contents of the notification list page. How do you safeguard against that?
    • Restore a previous version of the page as per usual. I would notice, if the notification list would be destroyed :-)
  • Preview - I am considering an option for big-screen users to have two frames, one with the preview (using the "preview into different window target" method above).
    • Why don't you make a new Idea page for previews only? It warrants a bigger discussion, IMHO
  • Preview (2) - Incidentally, putting your wiki to HTML Java code (TranslatorReader, i recall?) into an applet, and stripping the context stuff (i.e. making the wiki to HTML code purely for presentation/preview purposes, disabling links) - would be pretty easy (I think) and could run in the background as a live preview. This would vastly reduce the pressing need for wysiwyg!
    • Yes, it's possible and relatively easy. If you feel up to it, go ahead ;-). I don't have time to do everything...
  • Images images images. It's not easy to add images to a page while writing content - you have to save your edits, then attach them, then you have to go back to the editor and remember the wiki markup AND the attachment reference. Then you realise you want to put them on a different page and you have to reattach them to the other page or cross reference (leading me to use a dedicated page for images). It would be so much easier if you could use a popup window to lookup an existing attachment (with image icons) or attach a new image on the fly to an arbitrary page, then insert the link back into the document currently being edited.
    • That shouldn't be too hard. Please make a new idea for that.
  • Images (2) - In my Wiki I see the need for two sorts of images. (1) inline images and (2) diagrams (ie. a "figure" - the old fashioned way of identifying illustrations in print is to refer to them as "figure 1" etc.). Diagrams require a lengthy image tag to create a nice centered captioned image - not sure how you can improve this. Perhaps images on their own line could be classified as this and have a different CSS style, allowing them to be centered and bordered?
    • You can specify a style with the Image plugin.
  • Images (3) - In particular I need to be able to annotate some of these diagrams, and provision for image maps would allow me (I think) to use tooltips and links on regions for this purpose. I suppose the question is, how core is such a thing? I guess I'd have to write a plugin. Bah.
    • Modify the Image plugin...
  • Images (4) - Ideally I'd be able to add a shadow effect automatically to all 'diagram' type images... (cough)
    • Ditto.
  • Spell checker - 'nuff said. Easy, just use a dictionary file and apply it to the preview automatically
    • Of course, there are plenty of i18n issues there.
    • Starting from something like this might make your job a lot easier. You would jave to change the PHP code to Java though, but it is not a lot.
  • Google-like searching - why deviate from the norm? yeah, ok, someone wants regexp, i guess one should keep the regexp users happy too (or not!)
    • We already have google-like searching, and I wasn't planning on letting it go. But it needs some fixing, as it currently only works reliably for English.


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