|Title|Page Summary By Headings
|Date|05-Oct-2007 15:10:42 MET DST 
|JSPWiki version|2.4.x and above
|Submitter|Maria Torremaules
|[Idea Category]|MarkupIdea
|[Idea Status]|NewIdea

Proposal for a new feature.

Now you mark heading with !, !! and so on according to text size (or level of nesting in the text).
What about using headings to build a page summary automagically?

Sort of this trick in action on this page of this other wiki:


Here headings marked with --, --- and so on, or ==, === and so on.
If marked with =, those headings appear in the page summary depicted at the top of page,
each one indented accoding of its nesting level.
Just an idea.

--[JDuprez] such a feature exists: just explicitly insert a TableOfContentsPlugin in the page text. I ackowledge this is not as automatic, but sufficient for most needs.
Note that, as with HTML, headings are not meant to play with the size of the text, but to structure the document. With that in mind I'm not sure why one would want to not list some of the headings in the TOC. Admùittedly it misses a parameter to limit the level of headings displayed...