Date04-Apr-2007 10:44:17 EEST
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JspWiki enables to rename a page, however on the jspwiki.org site this feature is not available to the general users - left to admins to prevent one source of vandalism.

It would be great if general users could at least add a notice to a page to request that it be renamed, and hope an admin would fulfill the request, without any timing guarantee of course. This is similar to the [DELETEME] tag, except that it should not be automatic.

I've set up a RENAMEME page, to list such pages, can any of the admins answer here whether they are ready to occasionally review this page and rename its targets?

N.B.: please don't rename this idea page :o)

Good idea. Let's do this. I've added a link for this to PageTags already.

--David Au, 04-Apr-2007

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