|Title|RSS jspwiki.baseURL
|Date|02-Jun-2006 23:12:59 EEST
|JSPWiki version|JSPWiki v2.4.11-cvs
|[Idea Category]|GenericIdea
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Documentation indicated a hard URL is required for RSS:

#  You MUST, however, define this one if you want to enable RSS (see below).  In
#  general, this is a good idea to define it anyway.  Do not forget the
#  trailing slash.

For a variety of reasons, it's useful to have the container compute the base URL; therefore, we'd leave __jspwiki.baseURL__ set to nothing.

To satisfy RSS, would it be possible to add a property such as __jspwiki.rss.baseURL__ ?


Many other things might break if you don't define baseURL.  What you probably want is to set baseURL and also state

{{jspwiki.referenceStyle = relative}}

If you could also enumerate the reasons why the container should compute the base URL, and how exactly would you tell JSPWiki this without actually using baseURL, that would also be interesting to hear...

-- JanneJalkanen


I have the following problem:

my wiki is installed in a network where we can't access the public ip and have no dns.
So what should I put on the baseurl? If I put the public one, I can't access it, if I put the private one my customers can't...

Cannot the links be relative?

--AlessandroCarraro, 17-May-2007


No.  RSS standard requires absolute links.

--JanneJalkanen, 17-May-2007

I've the same problem as AlessandroCarraro, my wiki must be addressed from different web servers. But I disabeld RSS - I don't need it.
The doc states
You MUST, however, define this one if you want to enable RSS (see below)
So I thought, I can leave baseURL blank. 
But if I don't define baseURL I always get the installation page?! And my wiki doesn't work! Why?