TitleRefactoring the WikiEngine class
Date31-Mar-2005 13:31:54 EEST
JSPWiki version
Idea CategoryGenericIdea

I love the JSPWiki syntax (IMO) is the best there is, however the WikiEngine class needs some major refactoring (its absolutely huge, and tightly coupled).

I came across this when trying to write a JSPWiki formatter for XPlanner... I wanted to simply call the engine... however I found that impossible because of the problems I mentioned above.

I think the core code would be much easier to maintain and allow use outside of the webapp if the formatter could be broken out a little. Currently there is a parser engine framework called Radeox that SnipSnap uses and which JSPWiki could likely use as well.

I'm in need of such a thing specifically to keep all my generated docs across multiple systems in the same format. Is anyone else interested in this sort of thing? Am i barking up a tree?

-- BrillPappin Jan 22, 2005

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Have you looked at EmbeddingJSPWiki?

-- JanneJalkanen

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