Titleremove duplicates from SessionsPlugin
Date27-Sep-2006 21:37:03 EEST
JSPWiki version2.4.60
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The current SessionsPlugin has a "property" parameter, if this has the value "user" , the plugin returns a comma-separated list of users.

If you have a lot of activity on your wiki, and users regularly stop/start their browsers, you will end up with a lot of duplicate entries. (for example check :HarryMetske )

I would like to introduce a second value for property, called "distinctUsers" which generates a list of distinct users, and for each user the count of live sessions)

I wrote some code to do this, and tested it on my wiki. It works fine.
I have attached a source file and a .diff file (just in case you like this idea)

Harry Metske

[Waiting for fix implementation |Bugs Waiting For Provided Fix To Be Implemented]
==> not anymore
--HarryMetske, 18-Mar-2007

Added to 2.5.32

--JanneJalkanen, 20-Mar-2007

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