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TitleRemove the "chrome" from the edit page
Date02-Jan-2007 08:50:58 EET
JSPWiki versionall
Idea CategoryGenericIdea
Idea StatusNewIdea

When displaying a page, the left menu is appropriate and works well.

BUT, when editing a page, why do you need a left menu? Why do you need the bread crumbs at the top? When editing the most important thing is to have room to edit, and a lage save button (and cancel of course). I *never* want to navigate away from the edit page because I might accidentally lose my edits this way. Seems unsafe.

I have a laptop that converts to a tablet, and the screen flips sideways (so it is tall and thin 'portrait mode'). In this situation, the left menu crowds the edit page so that you have to use this tiny little box to type in. I want to use most of the screen when editing the text for the wiki page.

I have used a couple of versions of JSPWIki and on past versions, I modified the Edit.jsp to remove all the "chrome" around the edge so that the edit area is most of the screen.

Another thing I did was to put the "save" button at the top. It is annoying to have to scroll down to the save button when working on a laptop screen.

I would like to contribute these changes, but it makes sense to be assured that there is concensus around this. Is there any real reason for the left menu and breadcrumbs/tabs when in edit mode?

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