TitleRicher Table Formatting
Date13-Sep-2006 13:27:34 EEST
JSPWiki version2.4.x and beyond
SubmitterJerome Duprez
Idea CategoryMarkupIdea
Idea StatusNewIdea

I'd like to see the table syntax extended to enable such things as:

  • A row no more has to be defined on a single line of raw wiki text (see Exploded Table Filter)
  • Bulletted lists in cells
  • specific cell style (like, one of my cell represents a total so should be bold with a red background,...)

Alternate approach exists (Exploded Table Filter, Table Plugin), but this kind of features should go into the core (for example, Table Plugin itself requires an alternate template for full benefit, which limits its applicability).

Note: TablePlugin does not require another template. It should perfectly fly with the default JSPWiki template. --DF

I would like to add another idea: let JSPWiki silently accept and drop trailing bars | when no more data comes after it. Currently this leads to unnecessary empty cells. --DF

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