|Title|Save And Continue Editing
|Date|08-Mar-2005 18:55:41 EET
|JSPWiki version|2.1.144
|[Idea Category]|UserInterfaceIdea

When creating a big file for a project I'd like to be able to save and continue editing the page.

>> You could use a simple editor and save it on your pc.

I agree that Save and Continue would be really useful. I'm in the habit of saving a document every time I pause for a second or two. I type meeting notes in JSPWiki and not being able to click Save and just keep typing drives me crazy! -Rob


What about saving the current edition to a cookie every so often? If the browser crashes or is closed by mistake and the page is reedited, the user could have the option to recover the text from the cookie if available.

Georges Z. (2011-04-25)