|Date|11-Oct-2005 04:41:08 EEST
|JSPWiki version|2.2.32
|[Idea Category]|GenericIdea
|[Idea Status]|NewIdea

I suggest page search should redirect user to specific page instead of search result page.  

For example, if I put "LeftMenu" to search box and hit "Search", I should be redirected to "LeftMenu" page directly.  

To give user a chance to search every page including the word "LeftMenu", we could have two buttons, "Topic"(or "Keyword") and "SearchAll"(or simply "Search").  If user pressed "Topic" but page cannot be found, the search result page should show up, like present.

The implementation of the keyword search will be first search all the page names to determine it is topic page or not.


agree!!! this feature would be wonderful!

--AnonymousCoward, 15-May-2006


Actually, this is already been implemented.  Just type in the word and click on "Go" (if on the FindPage), or just click on "View" (if using the to-right corner search box).

--Janne Jalkanen, 16-May-2006