|Date|04-Nov-2005 11:49:22 EET
|JSPWiki version|v2.2.32-cvs
|[Idea Category]|MarkupIdea
|[Idea Status]|NewIdea

Inserting image links to the Wiki is too complicated for non-programmers and especially for older people.

Such an easy thing as {{{[{Image src='MyWikiImage'.PNG' width='550'}]}}} 

For a programmer, it is no effort to check out that all the characters are correctly typed since our eyes are optimized to detect such things fast.

However, if somebody has never done any html, scripting or programming or if he is an older person, it is a real hell to get all the things right:

#They have problems with several unusual characters in a row like '}] is a big problem
#They just don't get the concept that the machine doesn't accept missing quotes, for example src='MyWikiImage.PNG width='550'
#They allmost allways make mistakes with LittleANDbIGchaRactERS in in picture names.
#They put scandinavian letters in wiki links {{{[Pääkkösten tärinät]}}} When they then try to upload images to a scandinavian page the images won't show

!They end up calling me all the time telling JSPWiki is broken!
Believe me, being administrator of a [Family Wiki|http://heikinjoukko.hopto.org] is a hell!

!Solutions proposal:

#Upload automatisation: When an image is attached, Wiki automatically edits the text adding the link {{{[{Image src='uploaded_image.jpg'}]}}} - It will ease the further editing...
#Wiki accepts syntax with no quotes: {{{[{Image src=uploaded_image width=550 }]}}} This is possible if Upload site doesnt accept files with spaces between.
#Syntax Image src=jeesus.jpg to be simplified to  image=jeesus.jpg
#Attachments and links to attachments to be case insensitive.
#Scandinavian and german åäöü in page links are refactored to aaou because creating page with ISO-8859 title is broken: you can't upload attachments to it.

Best wishes, an admin for elderly people wiki :)


Hi!  A couple of quick comments.

''Upload automatisation'': This is sort of happening already in the new default template.

''Wiki accepts syntax with no quotes'':  Already available.  You don't need quotes unless you have stop-characters or spaces in the name.

''Syntax Image src=jeesus.jpg to be simplified to  image=jeesus.jpg'': You can link to an image simply by linking to it using the [[]-syntax.  For example: [[Pic/rss.png] results in [Pic/rss.png].

''Attachments and links to attachments to be case insensitive.'': Difficult to do; the underlying file system becomes a problem.  This will probably come in an upcoming version (where page names will also be case insensitive).

''Scandinavian and german åäöü in page links are refactored to aaou because creating page with ISO-8859 title'': Please switch to UTF-8.  It should work then (or at least the UTF-8 -part is tested far more extensively than Latin1).

-- JanneJalkanen