Date14-Aug-2007 09:29:54 EEST
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SubmitterRamesh Ganesan
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Currently, the JSPWiki implemented the lucene search engine. But, the spellchech feature in the search engine is not implemented. The Lucene search API has the spellcheck API, so we can use this feature for the JSPWiki.

Any suggestion?

Hi Ramesh,

Two questions: (a) where would you want the spellcheck feature implemented, and how? Would it be highlighting-while-you-edit (as in MS Word) or some other way? and (b) could you point me to the part of the Lucene spellcheck API you're thinking of? Thanks.

-- MurrayAltheim, 15-Aug-2007

Hi Murray,

a) We can implement the spellcheck feature to the search option. b) Lcuene spellcheck API documents available in the following urls

Let me know your thoughts. Thanks

So you'd suggest the idea that if a search came back with zero hits, we'd do a logical OR search on all the tokens returned by the SpellChecker. Hmm. The other place I was thinking would be an AJAX feature that highlighted words in the editor that didn't match the SpellChecker, a feature I see in FireFox. I'm not an AJAX expert but I'll look into the search hit idea. Hopefully someone takes this up, sounds like a good idea; but it probably won't be me in the next few months. Thanks, MurrayAltheim

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