Date08-Aug-2006 00:52:29 EEST
JSPWiki version2.4.21
Idea CategoryGenericIdea
Idea StatusNewIdea

I have extended the JSPWiki code to be able to implement Sub-Wikis.

I call them WikiWebs.

The code is very raw and still needs to be worked out.

URL implementation



Edit, etc.:


The repository is setup almost exactly the same:

<repository directory>
            - Main.txt
            - (Other wiki pages in the WikiWeb1)
                         - 1.txt (OLD version of Main.txt in WikiWeb1)
            - Main.txt
            - About.txt

Inter-Web links are done like: [/WebName/PageName]

Attachment links are now done like [PageName+AttachmentName]

If you have any other questions just post them here.

Attached is the code. I will put up new code when I get through more stuff.

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