|Title|SubversionProvider should go into core
|Date|04-May-2006 12:35:55 EEST
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Using subversion as wiki store seems to me a very good idea. Unfortunately the [SubversionProvider] wasn't updated for the Provider API changes and does not work with more recent JSPWiki versions.

So, I think the SubversionProvider should go into the wiki core to keep it in step with the wiki versions.


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--Dran, 05-May-2007

The decision to put something in core or not is primarily based on having somebody step up to the responsibility of keeping the code fit and current with the latest CVS.  Being part of the core doesn't guarantee that at all. If nobody qualified and available is willing to put in the time and energy, it's simply not going to happen, core or not, good idea or not. And I'm not so sure being part of core is really warranted for all the page providers — it just means the JSPWiki code base is that much larger, and only a fraction of the installations are likely to be subversion-based, and we also have to then keep current with Yet Another External Library, subversion. But the biggest issue is that we're definitely working with limited resources. Do I hear any __volunteers__?

-- MurrayAltheim, 2007-05-06


Have to say yeah, I won't start keeping it up-to-date since I don't use subversion...  Taking it into the core means testing and maintenance, and there's enough work to do already.

So very probably not unless someone steps up and agrees to do this.

--JanneJalkanen, 06-May-2007