|Title|Support Camel Case Escaping
|Date|24-Aug-2005 18:09:36 EEST
|JSPWiki version|2.2.28
|[Idea Category]|GenericIdea
|[Idea Status]|ImplementedIdea

The current markup rules for JSPWiki in my view confound the issue of presenting "code" to the user with the issue of avoiding the application of wiki text formatting rules.

One case, if the CamelCase option is turned on, I find no method to prevent CamelCase words to be interpreted as a link. I do not want this to be formatted as monospaced code snipped, which occurs when using the triple-brace method.

Proposal: Support the use of ! (exclamation mark) in front of CamelCase words, to suppress this. Several Wikis (including the Sensei's to which JSP is referring) support this. Another option is the use of ~.

Problem: This causes problems when the first word in a heading shall be escaped. Otherwise, in the middle of text it is unproblematic. How do other wikis handle this?

-- Gregor Hagedorn, 24.8.2005

~CamelCase can be escaped with ~.

-- JanneJalkanen

Thanks, I now see it is even explained in the TextFormattingRules on this server. Sorry to have started this; however it was not mentioned in the corresponding topic in the 2.2.28 (i.e. current) distribution we downloaded. -- Gregor

I added the description in the TextFormattingRules on doc.jspwiki.org; they'll be in the next stable release.

-- JanneJalkanen