TitleSupport Nested plugins inside the body of a plugin
Date19-May-2005 09:21:47 EEST
JSPWiki versionv.2.2.14
Idea CategoryPluginIdea

Currently the wiki engine doesn support support calls to a plugin or variable (e.g. [{$variable}]) nested inside the body of another plugin. Which creates an important limitation w.r.t. what info can be put inside the body of a plugin.

E.g. the TablePlugin tries to solve this with a clumsy escape character concept E.g. the NewPageHandler defines an alternative variable syntax to work around this problem.


Attached is a patch for the current CVS version (as of 15th November 2005) which should sort out this problem. See BugTranslatorReaderDoesntAllowNestedPlugins for a patch for previous versions which used TranslatorReader.


Implemented in 2.3.44

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