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TitleSupport superscript/subscript formatting
Date26-Aug-2005 12:51:36 EEST
JSPWiki version2.2.28
Idea CategoryMarkupIdea
Idea StatusNewIdea

In scientific discussions, sub- and superscripts occur relatively frequently, often including letter or even words (x<sub>max</sub>). In consider it highly desirable to add this to the JSPWiki markup rule. Otherwise such communities can use JSPWiki only with html formatting turned on.

Current usage samples:

Both MediaWiki (= Wikipedia) and TWiki support xhtml by default and this is used for super/subscripting.

MoinMoin uses ^superscript^ and ,,subscript,,

OpenWiki uses ^^superscript^^ and vvsubscriptvv (the latter seems undesirable to me!).

FlexWiki uses ^superscript^ and ~subscript~


to keep in line with current JSP double-character formatting, ^^superscript^^ and ~subscript~ seems to be a good option. The use of tilde should not conflict with existing use of tilde as escape character (no-link or escaping double underscore, double backslash). A triple tilde could be interpreted as literal double tilde, i.e. escaping the subscript rule.

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