Date01-Mar-2007 15:18:07 EET
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The idea here is to permit admins to flag spam IP addresses so that if that IP address is used again for a spam it would actually show up in RecentChanges highlighted. This wouldn't be used (generally) for asserted names, only IP addresses (which on the jspwiki.org site seem to create the majority of noise spam).

This could be done as a couple of different software components and actions tied together:

  1. there is a wiki page containing suspicious IP addresses. It is either viewable only by admins or only editable by admins but viewable by the world. Each time an admin deletes one of these annoying spam pages we add the IP address of the perpetrator to the SuspiciousUser page.
  2. We add td.suspicious { background-color: #ffe0e0 } to jspwiki.css
  3. We extend the RecentChanges plugin so that it does a check for matches on username against the SuspiciousUser page. On any matches it changes the class attribute of the existing author table cell from <td class='author'> to <td class='suspicious'>. The table of suspicious user IPs could be cached and updated by listening for a WikiPageEvent on any edit to that page.

Note: this does not prohibit the user from making the edit, it simply flags any edits from IP addresses that have previously been manually associated with spam.

I think the idea of a suspicious edit flag is good, but it seems that IP-based filtering is no longer useful, as spammers have learned to use open proxies and other things.

But if the SpamFilter could be amended in a way which would allow different heuristics to be used to "flag" suspicious edits, that would be useful. If SpamFilter had four outcomes:

  • OK
  • Suspicious, flag
  • Suspicious, put in moderation queue
  • Definitely spam

That would be interesting...

--JanneJalkanen, 01-Mar-2007

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