TitleUse overflow:auto to avoid very wide wiki-pages
Date10-Sep-2005 19:46:47 EEST
JSPWiki version2.x.x
Idea CategoryUserInterfaceIdea
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Small suggestion for jspwiki.css:

When using the css definition overflow:auto, the browser will insert horizontal or vertical scroll-bars when the page content can not fit in to the browserwindow.

The advantage is that normal width of the page, fitting the screen size is kept. While some parts of the page may be rendered with a horizontal scrollbar.

EG, I added this for the PRE definition in jspwiki.css

 This long line will make the page become very wide overflowing the screen width and adjusting the rest of your page as well. This may lead to very strange effects on the page, like info falling of the visible part of the screen and so on.

  pre { 
      white-space: pre;
      margin:      1em 2em 1em 2em; 
      background: #f0f0f0;
      border:      1px dotted #3c78b5;
      overflow: auto;
Other places: commentbox

Unfortunately, this does not work for tables. So, if you have wide tables (e.g. InfoContent.jsp ) a DIV should be put around the table with the overflow parameter.

EG on the System page, I put a %%(overflow:auto;) around the main table.


The overflow:auto -parameter already exist in 2.3.x and the latest stable for PRE tag.

-- JanneJalkanen

Crnch. Indeed, even this site runs with overflow:auto. Which seems ok in Firefox ! But, not in Safari or IE. Strange. I can't see why, since my local jspwiki with overflow:auto renders fine under Safari ? -- DF

Now that is an excellent question... I really have no idea. Perhaps you're not using the default template? Can you dig this up a bit more (I know you're a CSS guru :-)

-- JanneJalkanen

Excellent question ? - no easy answer. I suspect that the use of tables in jspwiki causes this strange behaviour on other browsers like IE and Safari. I didnt found any reference to a similar problem on the net sofar. Currently, I do not have the same problem with table-less template (like eg. BrushedTemplate) . Which I think this should be the direction for JSPWiki anyway. -- DF

I agree. But I need someone to "take ownership" to clean the templates. I need one plain and simple (like the current default template), and one which is a bit fancier with bells and whistles. Unfortunately I don't seem to have the time to start working on all this, maintaining the code base takes all of my time. Want to start contributing? ;-)

-- JanneJalkanen

Yep. Actually I am working on a revamp of the Brushed. But it takes more time then expected. I hope to publish parts of it soon. --DF

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